reimagining makeup

quick, minimalist beauty

The world of beauty can be noisy and overwhelming. We’re here to tone down the racket.

quick, minimalist beauty

We believe makeup should be a breeze. With our innovative products and easy application, we are all about saving you precious minutes. Our products are crafted with user-friendly features and formulas that ensure quick and easy application, whether you're a beginner or an expert. We want our makeup to be a joy to use for all.

innovative products

We’re committed to creating game-changing makeup solutions that redefine the way you apply your beauty products. Designed with a minimalist philosophy, our products embody simplicity and efficiency. We've reimagined the makeup experience, creating products that are remarkably streamlined and quick to use, no matter your skill level.

skincare-first beauty

Our focus is always on putting skin first. We want you to have healthy, radiant skin, and that's why our products are designed with utmost care to be gentle and skin-friendly, and are formulated with non-irritating and skin-centric ingredients. Your skin's health and happiness are our top priorities.


Beauty can and should be responsible. We strive to make eco-friendly and ethical choices for the planet. This includes ingredient sourcing and processing, product development, manufacturing, packaging, and everything along the the way to our products’ end of life. We understand the responsibility we have to reduce the impact of our manufacturing and packaging on the environment. Under our recycling program, we accept used packaging and offer discounts in return.